Old things have so many stories to tell!

'The Retroscope' started from my need to dispose of my accumulated treasures in vintage, because of lack of space as almost always is the case.Many friends and relatives brought their own old stuff and asked me to have displayed here.
Old things, forgotten, unwanted and aging in a dusty corner somewhere, they look so enchanting and magnificent sometimes and that is, I think, because they have so many stories to tell.Because of the overlay of alluring textures they acquired over the years.
With time I got entirely engulfed in my fascination of vintage, I now always stop and look again at any old trinket, or treasure that I casuall y come across.Sectret beauty and grace are always there.As I peruse old, forgotten things, I am amazed that they do not possess a central, focal place in people's homes any more.But then remember all those, who are after vintage treasures perpetually and take courage in pursuing my love of anitque and unwanted knick knacks. And I go on accumulating all these discarded, dusty lovelies with new vigour and a keener eye.
Thank you for stopping by, delighted to have you in our shop!

This is a vintage shop of miscelleaneous finds, expanding by the day.
There is a collection of Greek pottery, folk art, jewellery, collectibles, linens, housewares, accessories, toys, trinkets, etc.We heartily welcome your custom orders and specific requests.Thank you for stopping by.

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